Thursday, February 22, 2018

Learning Journey 2018

                             Welcome back to 2018!!

Today is the coolest year of all, I am so glad to be back posting to the world and also I am super glad to be back at school. Anyway we have been past 3 weeks already! okay bloggers I have made a DLO (digital learning object) and I am so happy to be sharing this with you guys looking at blog my around the world. The other thing that we looked at before doing the DLO was that we looked at the Kawa Of Care now the Kawa Of Care is a very important piece of advice if you have a Chromebook because it tells you how to take care of the Chromebook and so that's what we looked at before doing the DLO.


Friday, September 15, 2017

My Minecraft skin

Hi there blogging world, about 3 weeks ago we made minecraft skins on our chrome book for maths while the netball people went to netball zones. I hope you like it . The positive was that I knew what I was doing this time because i have done it before. The negative was that It took a really long time to add all the different blocks and the calculations were really difficult as well. Here is what I made i hope you like it and please feel free to leave a comment.

Blog You Later

It is pretty cool right? 

Monday, September 11, 2017

The Crazy Science Show

The Crazy Science Show

Today at school we had the crazy science show it was so satisfying. The people running the show were Robyn and Richard they were from Australia, later in the show he got four films that he used as "rockets" then he had a tablet that was called an antacid tablet he put in the films and then later the films exploded when he got close to them.  We got to see something so gross in the second magic trick he got a red ball and he put it in his hands and then he had two red balls and then he put it in his mouth and then he gave it to a little girl and the girl said "eeewww". My favourite bit was when he got a lighter and then he made a firework out of the lighter. And also he had a nappie and then he got the polymer from the nappie and then he mixed the nappie powder with water and it made something solid. BLOG YOU LATER. How does the polymer change into solid?  

Friday, September 1, 2017

Google Slide Animation

Hi there bloggers last week when the campers were gone, I made a google slide animation about our inquiry topic. My topic was about avalanches, here is the google slide animation about what I did. Hope you enjoy my google slide animation because it took a really long time to actually make it work. The challenges were that we had to find pngs ( a png is something that has a transparent background )and we also had to make it move because if it didn´t move then it would not make a proper google slide animation and then it would not work. The achievements were that I made it talk and made it move correctly and then it looked awesome. The fun bit was when we got to watch it and that looked even better.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Student Toolkit

Hi Blogging World

Today we went to New Windsor School, and it was a pleasure going to learn new things that I didn't know about. It was a really fun experience. I am really looking forward to be going next year because it was so much fun and here is a photo of where we were, and this is a photo of me and my friends. And there were people that taught us how to get on prodigy and incredibox and sound trap all of those websites. Here is a photo of us going to the hall in New Windsor School. New Windsor School was so cool they were very welcoming and really
nice the teachers were amazing and really funny. My favourite bit was the spheros because you had an iPad and you had to hold it next  then it would connect.

here is a picture of us beginning 
this is a picture of who went.


Friday, August 11, 2017

How to Have a Good Comment

Yesterday for cybersmart, we looked at other schools blogs, I looked at New Windsor Schools blog. I looked at room 11's blog, it was really awesome because they told you about netball it was really cool because I didn't know that much about netball. Maybe next time they could add more information. This is a google drawing of how to have a thoughtful, positive, helpful, question so we can have a better blog comment. if you want to check out my learning here is a link to it my blog  Blog you later.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Comic Strip

Last week for cybersmart we made a comic strip of not sending bad emails to people here is picture of me and my friend of what we did by the way the glasses mean that they are not on my side so and the reason is that people are sending bad emails so plz don't send bad emails.