Zoo Trip

Hi There Blogging World Yesterday was the amazing zoo trip that the whole syndicate went to. It was really awesome. Everyone loved it. The teachers that were guiding us told us tons of information and they told us what bird was what. We also got to see tigers, zebras, otters and cheetahs. (Here is a fun fact about cheetahs they are the most fastest land animal in the world). Anyway, here are some photos that the teachers took. We also took some videos. 

That's it from me Blog you later!

Geometric Birds

Hi There Blogging WorldToday I will be showing you what we have been doing the last few days and it is geometric animals. Here are the steps of what we had to go through in order to master the art of geometric animals. 
First of all we had to pick an animal and I picked the saddleback. 
Step two is that we had to trace the outline and we printed them.

Step three is that we had to start adding some shapes like triangles and squares.                                                                        
Step 4 is when we started to add some layers of white to the background and then we let it dry.

Step 5 was when we got the page that we drew on our Chromebooks and then got a pen  and started to trace the same thing we did on our Chromebooks. 

Step 6 was when we were on our good copies and then we started to draw the                  shapes and then we started to paint. 

And  then this is how my one turned out. 

And if you want to check it out in person we have an art exhibition the whole scho…

Tiritiri Matangi

Hi there BloggersYesterday the senior syndicate went to Tiritiri Matangi and it was really tiring but awesome at the same time we also went in a fairy , we saw a whole lot of birds and we also had a quiz that if you saw that bird then you had to mark it of with a tally chart. The hard thing was that you had to spot the birds and the birds were so camouflage that when you looked up at the sun there were no birds but really there were so much. We also got to see some birds have a little bath. Here are some pictures.

Des Hunt

Hi there blogging world today there was a special guest that came to Waikowhai Primary School. Some of you might know him, his name is Des Hunt. in all the year 5 and 6 classes they have all been reading Des Hunt books, like in my class we have been looking at The Tooth. Des Hunt was also a teacher in Hawera High School. Des Hunt also showed us some chemistry and physics. Here is one video of him using chemicals. Everyone enjoyed the part where he exploded a lid that hit some of the students and then he was really close to hitting one of the teachers. Then, at one point, he showed us his first book he wrote. I also did a slideshow about Des Hunt 


ANZAC DayHi there blogging world today I will be sharing with you what I learned about ANZAC Day. Outside of our classrooms  we have crosses of real people that fought in the world war one. what I also learned about ANZAC day was that people wake up at dawn and the people who fought in the war, they have lots of medals on their black suit. They march, some people have wheelchairs that people push. In my class we read two books about ANZAC day. From those books I learned lots of things I already knew and some I have never heard about. ANZAC is all about Australia New Zealand. We celebrate to remember the soldiers that fought in the war.

The Easter Holiday

Hi There Blogging World Today I will be sharing with you guys what I did in the Easter holiday. So in the Easter holiday I was at home and my brothers and I were playing games because that was the only thing we could ever do. So then my dad decided we should go to Cameron Pools. When we reached Cameron Pools it was so busy! We changed into our togs and first went to the Nan's pool to get warmed up. Then we went to the big pool and my brothers and I had a race.  It was pretty obvious that I won (because I am the oldest) and so that is what I did in the Easter holidays.

My Te Reo Days

Hi there blogging world,  today I will be sharing with you what I did for Te Reo, so for Te Reo last week we have been doing the month of April and how many days are in it. For a bonus we had to translate the year 2018 to Maori. The drawing should pop up right underneath, I also leaned a ton of Maori numbers. I think that I did really well and at the beginning I thought that this was going to take me ages but it didn't take me that long.