The Egg Challenge

Hey there blogging World today my class are going to get eggs and basically what you have to do with the eggs is that you have to keep it safe for four days and you might be wondering what you get if you keep your egg safe for four days? well that's a secret that only the teachers know, anyway today at the end of the day my class are going to get their eggs and my teacher said that if you keep the egg for four days then you can eat it for breakfast on Saturday (The Challenge only goes up till this week Friday.) You guys also might be wondering where are the photos! well as I told you were not getting our eggs till at the end of the day.  Blog You Later


Hi There blogging World, today in our literacy tumble we did this activity called Tenses, Tenses is an activity which you have to put words for the past tense and words you could do in the present tense and words you can do in the future tense. Here is an idea of what I am trying to tell you guys
and also at the end you have some questions of the past tense and the future tense. The questions are at the bottom, the first question is Words in the past tense often end with and my answer is before.
and the next question is about the future tense is Words in the present tense often end with later.

Be Cyber safe On The Internet

Hi there blogging world 2 weeks ago we had a look at this game called interland. Interland is a game all about being cybersmart on the internet. There are 4 levels the levels name's are Mindful Mountain, Tower Of Treasure, Reality River, Kind Kingdom, those are the names of all the 4 levels my favourite level is Tower Of Treasure, because what you can do in Tower Of Treasure is move around with the arrow keys and you have to try get the little bubbles. Here is what I did for my interland DLO. I learned that you have to be Cybersafe on the internet through this fun game.

Literacy Tumble

Hi there bloggers for the rest of the term we are going to be doing a really fun activity called the literacy tumble. What we did for literacy tumble was that we had a slideshow where you get given 4 things that you must complete by Thursday, and you get given 3 things that you should do by Thursday, and then if you are a early finisher then you could do 3 things of could do by Thursday, once you finish one then you have to take a screenshot of your work and you also have to add a link and then the teachers will check it. Anyway now let me show you my slideshow.

Improving My Comment

Welcome back to my blog, today I will show you what I have done to improve my comment. In cybersmart we had to pick a buddy. Then we had to go on their blog, We found their recent work and then we had to comment on their work, once we did that we had to go to the syndicate site and we had to go to cybersmart and we had to find the DLO (digital learning object) that the teachers made. On that DLO we had to copy and paste the comment in the top box, then in the bottom box we had to rewrite our comment that we did. Here is picture of my DLO that I made.

My connections with the world

Yesterday for Cybersmart we used a function named Google My Map. We had to find out were the Ako Hiko schools (if you don't know what the Ako Hiko Schools are they are schools that are part of the ako hiko cluster Waikowhai primary,Wesley primary, Wesley intermediate,Hay park,may road,Owairaka District School, New Windsor,Christ the king) we made a map of how close the ako hiko schools were to each other and once we found out they were not that far away from each other here take a look at it. But first here are the good and the bad things. the good things were that that I just finished in time, While there were no bad things I think. Okay now time to reveal the world to you.
Thanks for reading this blog post and I'll see ya later!

If The Ocean Had A Voice

Hi Everyone Hey guys, here is yet another blog post this time I will be sharing with you guys about the sea.  My WALT is to synthesis ideas. So then when I made a google drawing of the sea with it turned out like this. Me and my  friend were focusing on this and I  thought it was really fun, But the really challenging thing about it was that we had think about what type of pollution people were doing so we had to do a lot of research.